About AIIC Austria

Around 60 AIIC members have their professional domicile in Austria and are therefore members of AIIC Austria, which has existed as an independent region under the umbrella of AIIC international since 1966. They work as conference interpreters on a freelance basis or on the staff of international organisations, authorities or companies.

Like all AIIC members, they are subject to strict professional standards and a code of professional ethics, and are bound to absolute confidentiality.

You can depend on AIIC when selecting interpreters for your multilingual event.

Through AIIC Austria, you can contact around 60 conference interpreters in Austria and over 3000 members worldwide.

You can reach the regional bureau of AIIC Austria at austria[at]aiic.net. We are happy to respond to your questions about AIIC Austria and interpretation in general.

Always in Tune with the Times – AIIC in Austria and worldwide

Within the Austria region of AIIC, we provide support to our colleagues through training and information events. We also take part in activities that AIIC international organises to promote and support our profession.

AIIC is known, amongst other things, for:

  • negotiating agreements on the working conditions and pay of interpreters working at international organisations like the UN and EU, representing the interests of all interpreters, including non-members;
  • helping to professionalise conference interpreting through training and research;
  • actively collaborating on the development of new technologies in our field and advising on their use;
  • playing a leading role in the development of new standards for
    interpretation and interpretation technologies through its members at the ISO and various national standardisation committees.

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