Why AIIC Interpreters?

International Recognition

AIIC has been internationally recognised as the professional association of conference interpreters for decades and regularly renegotiates agreements with bodies such as the UN and European Union regarding the working conditions of the interpreters employed there.

As a grouping of experts, from the outset, AIIC has been involved in drawing up a whole range of benchmark standards and norms for interpretation.

Association Membership as a Mark of Quality

Before being admitted to the association and listed in the members' directory, our members are subject to a strict admission procedure. They must provide evidence of comprehensive professional experience and be vouched for by experienced colleagues who can speak for their quality and professionalism.

Foto: © AIIC Österreich
Photo: © AIIC Austria

High Standards and Confidentiality

AIIC interpreters stand out thanks to their utmost reliability, the first-class quality of their work, and their absolute commitment to confidentiality. The Association's professional standards and code of ethics,by which all members are bound, aim to protect the interests of all of those involved in international conferences and events and oblige members to absolute professional confidentiality.

Competent Advice

AIIC interpreters are happy to use their professional know-how to help you organise a conference. And they can help with more than just putting together an interpreting team: they can also advise you on the technical equipment you will need and on how to ensure that your event runs smoothly.
Our consultant interpreters can be of particular assistance in this.

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