Your Multilingual Event

Are you planning a multilingual event? Place your trust in a track record of quality and professional know-how by getting in touch with seasoned AIIC members in good time!

Our members will be happy to use their professional know-how to help you organise your conference.

Foto: © Ursula Riezinger
Photo: © Ursula Riezinger

They will put together a tailor-made team based on your needs and provide practical tips to ensure that your event runs smoothly.  They can help answer questions such as:

  • How many interpreters will you need for your conference?
  • Which language combinations will you need?
  • Which interpreting mode (simultaneous, consecutive or whispered) would be most suitable?
  • What equipment will be needed?
  • What practical issues need to be taken into account?
  • How much will it cost?
    - Interpretation fees
    - Organisation fees
    - Expenses and accommodation allowances
    - Compensation for travel time
    - Travel expenses
    - Equipment
    - Where relevant, copyright fees (i.e. for recordings or online streaming of interpretation)
    - Value added tax

Interpreting Equipment

Simultaneous interpreting equipment should be chosen either by your interpreters themselves, or in consultation with them, to ensure that that everything runs smoothly. Here, too, our members will be glad to provide detailed advice.

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