Family Memories – Lest we forget: The interpreter and history in the making

Video extracts from the AIIC Suisse event featuring family members of Nuremberg interpreters.

Extracts from "‘Family Memories – Lest we forget: The interpreter and history in the making" 

Tuesday October 1st, 2019 - UNIMAIL - Geneva

The full video will be available soon as a DVD - on sale from AIIC Suisse -

For the first time, family members of some of the interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials came together to talk about their relatives and the legacy of Nuremberg.

The Nuremberg Trials were among the most significant events of the twentieth century, and the experiences of the pioneering interpreters who worked there had a tremendous impact on their lives. After the trials, some were able to pick up the threads of their previous lives and move on. Others struggled with the trauma of what they had witnessed in and out of the courtroom, and their lives changed forever.

This event, organized by AIIC Switzerland, was a tribute to all the groundbreaking interpreters at Nuremberg who, in extremely difficult conditions, were the first interpreters to practice simultaneous interpreting on such a scale.

These personalities, who are no longer with us, came to life through the biographical notes presented by George Drummond and the touching memories shared by their relatives and loved ones in a moving and memorable event.

The audience was a mix of the interpreting community, relatives and friends of the guests, as well as FTI faculty members and students.

Moderator, George Drummond: Nuremberg Exhibition Group Coordinator, member of AIIC Legal Interpreting Committee

Invited guest speakers:

  • Miranda Richmond Mouillot, granddaughter of Armand Jacoubovitch, and author of “A Fifty-Year Silence” accompanied by her cousin, Vanessa Fraiberger
  • Esther Simha, widow of Eric Simha, accompanied by their sons Alex and André
  • Helga Priacel, widow of Stefan Priacel
  • Ursula Gilbert, former wife of Wolfe Frank
  • Alexandre Vassiltchikov, son of George Vassiltchikov
  • Robert Kaminker, son of Georges Kaminker and nephew of André Kaminker, accompanied by his son Roger Kaminker

More detailed discussion of the event is available on the AIIC Switzerland website:

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