Freelance Accreditation tests for the United Nations’ English booths

Announcement available until 28 June 2020

Please be advised that the United Nations’ English booths in Geneva, Nairobi, New York and Vienna will be holding freelance tests (French/Spanish/Russian to English) in the next two months.

There will be a pre-selection test, which will consist of one speech, from French to English.  Only those successful in this test will be able to proceed to the accreditation test.

The tests will be conducted using Vidcruiter.

The vacancy announcement for the freelance tests will be announced from Monday 22nd June 2020, on Inspira, under job opening number: 137224.

Please note that the announcement will only be available for ONE WEEK.

Candidates may already register and create a profile (PHP) on Inspira.  Please make sure your CV is up to date, as that information will be required.  A cover letter of 150-250 words in English is also required.

The detailed steps are described on this page:

Recommended citation format:
AIIC. "Freelance Accreditation tests for the United Nations’ English booths". June 22, 2020. Accessed July 5, 2020. <>.